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A case study: downwind luffing

I have a situation I’d like to present to you from an ACA race in Second Life:

Let’s call the boats involved ‘A’ and ‘B’, for convenience.

In picture 1, you will see how, on a downwind course, boat B, applying his windshadown,  establishes an overlap with boat A to windward.

Picture 2: Boat A calls boat B up and luffs.

Picture 3: Boat A luffs boat B up until close hauled, after which boat B tacks over to port.

I have a couple of questions here:

Assume the race is run under the Racing Rules of Sailing in Second Life:

– What rules apply here?

– Is boat A right to call up boat B up?

– Could boat A actually luff boat B up to head to wind, even when they were on a downwind course originally?

–  Can boat B protest boat A under any rule ?

For those of you who think this is too easy, now answer the same questions under full ISAF rules…