A new camera

Since one of my recent activities is making a lot of pictures of sailboats and sailing events in SecondLife, I have purchased myself a big, professional-looking camera. Here you can see me battle the big machine and it’s tripod, while trying to make a picture at the Tradewinds Working Boat Show.

The working boat show features a lot of industrial-looking boats from throughout Secondlife. These boats are a much welcome change to the endless parade of megayachts and other expensive-looking monstrosities that, as one can expect in a virtual world where anyone can live out his dreams, flood the metaverse.

There is only a week of show left now. After this, all peace will come back at TYC, at least as far as this club ever gets to sleep…

Event: Tradewinds Working Boat  Show

Date: February, begin March 2011

Location: Tradewinds Yacht Club, Dex, Secondlife

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/dex/140/145/21/


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