Visual guide – Build Your Own Boat

Tasha Kostolany has published a guide to people who wish to get started with boat building. I will not get into details on it here, but the guide uses the knowledge from the great boat building classes that Dekka Zabaleta has held recently at Tradewinds Yacht Club.

The boat building workshops that Dekka did a couple of weeks ago were such a gigantic hit, that it asked for more. With Dekka Zabaleta now being outside SL for a while due to real life obligations, a self-paced course seems like the next step.

Tasha has merged the course that Dekka gave with her own ‘Build your own boat for dummies’ course and made it available in-world and online. So far the guide includes the first 2 courses of the series:

Basic – Boat Hull Building Tutorial 1

Basic – Sails and Rigging Tutorial 2

More information can be found at the dedicated page at the Tradewinds blog:

Boat Building

A  Work Shop Supplies Vendor is available in the TYC boat store that contains the Hulls, Textures and Sculpties to the course, as well as links to the new online Tutorials. The location in-world is:

The vendor includes the following boxes:


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