Monthly Archives: April 2011

Navigator HUD – The next generation

Trapez Breen is working on a revolutionary navigation tool for inside Second Life sailing. Tasha Kostolany and I had the honour of receiving a test version of it, which we will play with extensively the coming few days, maybe even weeks, since the version number is very conservative: 0.10

You can see the HUD in my screen. It contains buttons for scrolling through the course marks and 2 buttons to open or edit courses. Trapez mentioned that the version we got is the ‘race director’s edition’. A lighter version will  be given out especially for use in races.

So.. I can hear your think now: ‘What exactly is revolutionary about this?’.. Well..

In our classical navigation aids we used slurls and notecards to create courses, we used gestures or sometimes buttons to sail them. Now, with this tool, we will be able to sail a course and create the markers on the go, save the course and sail it again another time.

And it is not vulnerable to loss of script memory either: all information is stored on a server outside of Second Life. ‘Google’, Trapez said.

More details will follow later, as I badly need to test this out myself now…


Classic motorboats

After seeing Eta Carver’s ‘Elixir’ running around on the water as a beta a week ago, now I saw this beauty from BERDAV moored at Tradewinds. I thought to make a picture of it. It is not available for sale, I was told by Anu Daviau..

Come sail with us! – a sailing promotion video

Surfwidow Beaumont is wellknown for her series of video’s in the Second Life sailing community. I remember her goodbye video for the Hukilau sims, once a home of Tradewinds Yacht Club, very well. Her great video about the 32nd America’s Cup in SL of 2007 is a landmark, having brought many people into Second Life Sailing.

A few weeks ago she has released a new video, especially for promotion purposes. I have not linked it yet to my site, but naturally, if I intend to take myself serious as a sailing blogger, I will just have to do this.

So, here it is:

The video is intended especially to promote sailing in the virtual world of Second Life and features a large number of different sailboats and sailors. Insiders will recognize some of the footage from events like the 2009 Fizz Cup and other landmark sailing events in SL.

Let’s hope the video will help us achieve one of our common goals: grow the sailing community inside Second Life and have fun with even more virtual sailors and sailing events.

Crossing Borders

This week a new Yacht Club sim connected to the mainland: Cross Border Yacht Club (XYC), founded by Momomos Netizen brings together sailors from throughout SL. It promises to become a relaxed place with good atmosphere.

I took a flight from TYC to XYC and saw a building project on it’s way: A table with tools, construction parts and a number of beams and columns of what will become the clubhouse.

Let’s hope the club will become a nice hangout and rezz place for sailors to start their adventures from.