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Blondin Linden leaves

May 28th I received the news that Blondin Linden has left Linden Labs. I heard this through an in-world notice sent in the SL Sailing Association group.

Blondin Linden, who was a community manager responsible for Zindra, Bay City and Nautilus, was a key contact for the sailing community in Second Life. His work on the Blake Sea Community Partnership Program and later the modernization of sailing areas on Sansara and Nautilus continents made him one of our primary contacts. He was approachable, active in-world and would listen to the community. Occasionally he even showed up at an event as spectator. It is easy to see why he was appreciated.

Reportedly he sometimes had a hard job within the Labs being community manager, especially when it came to issues on the zindra adult continent, his superiors being not always as sensitive to customer questions and criticism and his in-world contacts blaming him for things that were beyond his power.

I haven’t heard yet why he left and where he will be going now. Let’s just wish him well and thank him for everything he has done for all of us. Also, let’s hope we will get a community manager back now who lives up to Blondin’s standards.


The Tinytanic – Unsinkable!

I first encountered the Tinytanic on Snapzilla. It could not be overlooked: few steamships have such impressive bows, making them tower high above the waves of the Atlantic. Engineered by the tiny squirrel Vic Titanium, the Tinytanic is built to last through the ages, one of the greatest ships ever!

The Tinytanic, photographed by Sea Warcliffe

You can simply not imagine something as silly as an iceberg sink this one, 2000+ tinies aboard..

And I don’t think this will happen. A day or two after it’s first sighting by me, the Tinytanic moored at Tradewinds Yacht Club, where it can now also be seen. I still need to ask the maker about the controls, but it sure is lots of fun already!

You can see this fun little jewel at Tradewinds Yacht Club in Dex for a little while, but it is also moored at Dreams/87/69/24/.

Shipping cargo between SL’s continents

I have seen Balduin Aabye build a nice freighter over the past period. One of the prototypes to it was present at the Tradewinds working Boat Show 2011. After a long time of bugging him and stalking him around his shipyard, I finally managed to get hold of a copy when it was released. I took it out on a trip the next day and guess what? I didn’t even crash!

The boat is slow and nothing like the fancy mega yachts that Second Life is swamped with. It is a true work boat, one that makes you look like you are shipping dirty cargo around all over the place. That makes for a change!

‘And why would you need that?’

Well… It is fun! And I personally like slow boats that enable me to IM with people without crashing into others all the time. 😉

I have to thank both Balduin Aabye and Tasha Kostolany for this article, as I have cannibalized their work and research heavily for it. You can find Tasha’s article on this wonderful new boat here:

Origins of the boat
The name Nauen belongs to a type of cargo vessel common for bulk cargo transport on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. some of the older barges are now being used as party ships for events.

You can find some more info on the RL boat here:

The boat in Second Life
The boat as built in Second Life is a very detailed replica of the real Nauen Republik. It has a number of interesting special features. It is 31 prims only and hand painted with especially crafted textures.

When entering the boat, you can open the door to the wheelhouse and walk in. The helm position offers a nice view. Page-Up activates the engine and gets you going! The diesel engine sounds great and, as you would expect with a cargo vessel, it steers slowly. Be patient when changing course, this is not a raceboat!

Wheel, rudder and screw turn and rotate as you accelerate or turn the boat. She has got a headlight and navigation lights which can be switched on/off by chat command.

Much fun is the ability to haul cargo: you can attach a number of pre-made cargo types from menu. All you need to do is get seated and click the vessel when done so. The boat even includes a tutorial to create your own cargo attachments.

The boat can also be repainted if you prefer it to be in a different colour scheme. You can find the templates here: There is also a tutorial on repainting the boat.

Controls to the boat are easy. The arrow keys and page up/down get you there. Controls are specified in the notecard with the boat. The instructions to the boat can also be found at Balduin Aabye’s website:

Boat Specifications
LOA: 26.7m
Beam: 6.5m
max speed: 9.5 knots
Nr. of crew: skipper & 5 passengers
Permissions: modify/copy/transfer

Prim count:
Nauen: 31 prims without attachments
Safety attachment: 10 prims (worn)
Party attachment: 21 prims (worn)
Cover attachment: 4 prims (worn)
Gravel attachment: 2 prims (worn)
Footbridge: 4 prims

You can see the boat in Dex and buy it at Balduin Aabye Yacht Designs, also in Dex: