Blondin Linden leaves

May 28th I received the news that Blondin Linden has left Linden Labs. I heard this through an in-world notice sent in the SL Sailing Association group.

Blondin Linden, who was a community manager responsible for Zindra, Bay City and Nautilus, was a key contact for the sailing community in Second Life. His work on the Blake Sea Community Partnership Program and later the modernization of sailing areas on Sansara and Nautilus continents made him one of our primary contacts. He was approachable, active in-world and would listen to the community. Occasionally he even showed up at an event as spectator. It is easy to see why he was appreciated.

Reportedly he sometimes had a hard job within the Labs being community manager, especially when it came to issues on the zindra adult continent, his superiors being not always as sensitive to customer questions and criticism and his in-world contacts blaming him for things that were beyond his power.

I haven’t heard yet why he left and where he will be going now. Let’s just wish him well and thank him for everything he has done for all of us. Also, let’s hope we will get a community manager back now who lives up to Blondin’s standards.


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