Monthly Archives: February 2012

Becky’s Baby Sloop II Launch – Friday March 2nd 12PM

Becky’s Baby Sloop II will be launched friday March 2nd at 12PM.

Becca Moulliez will hold a speech on her great follow-up to her favourite free sailboat. There will be live music and we just might decide to all go out into the water in our new sloops!

You’ll find the boat.. and at 12PM on Friday the launch party here:]


TYC Winterchampionships 2012 – SLSA World Cup 2M

The coming weekend the SLSA World Cup Event in Quest 2M will be held at Tradewinds Yacht Club. This event will also count as TYC Winter Championships 2012. The race will be sailed in the wonderful Quest 2M, a Bwind-based racing keelboat.

The races will be held from the Siracusa line, in the SecondLife Sea known as ‘The Channel’. This line is accessible from Tradewinds Yacht Club:

Information on the subscription procedure can be found here:,1116.msg3841.html

A list of competing teams in the SLSA World Cup is available here:

Tradewinds Seaplane Show – January 2012

For the 3rd consecutive year Tradewinds Yacht Club is hosting a seaplane show. This edition is held one month later than the previous 2, marking the beginning of 2012, instead of the end of 2011.

The show features a nukber of planes already seen in the previous 2 shows and also lots of new planes by well-known and less well-known creators.

You can visit the show at TYC’s plot in Dex: