A reaction on the ‘Radar’ incident

I will be brief.

After a weekend out of SL, visiting family, I found a whole lot of drama on the SLSailing forum, on Don’s iSail forum and inworld surrounding Bea Woodget and her using a certain device to monitor a racing event in Blake Sea. Apparently there was even a bunch of Abuse Reports filed against her, which resulted into an official warning by Linden Labs.

While I agree that the use of such a radar/weapon/spy-tool in Blake Sea is a bad idea, I think the reaction overall is over-the-top. Having read beforehand about the planned SLSA World Cup event the devices were attached to, I think it all simply comes down to a bad choice of equipment. There seems to be no other useful application for this tool within the context of SL Sailing. We all know this.

The subject of slandering and reporting a fellow sailor though, is another one. Instead of being simply helpful and getting rid of the item, a number of sailors apparently chose for the more dramatic option. Given the lenghty post on http://isailors.freeforums.org/viewtopic.php?t=28 I have therefore decided the following:

Liv Leigh (and you can read Tradewinds Yacht Club here too) will cease to offer any support to the SLAC World Series from this moment onwards. More information can be obtained at the office. You know where to find me.


3 responses to “A reaction on the ‘Radar’ incident

  1. Hat off to you
    I like people willing to stand up

  2. I didnt send the first AR report and this was days after the race .
    You Know who did . Your Commodore Tasha …….I was to busy looking for more.
    Also We never have or expected support from you for the SL AC Worldseries . Something else. I tryed getting it removed first by Chat then by ticket ,And by Phone In all Cases because of what the devise was we Told directly if we wanted it removed A AR report Must be filled ,,, What the deployment of spy huds has to do with is SLAC world series is beyond me …. This is a privacy issue . And The 23 hour reply That time needed to come out with the story lust didn’t cut with us . Or the fact she told me personalty she put them them out a again in a second .. I always you a Smart woman Liv .This has nothing to do with her World Cup or MIne It has to do with . The basic and most important rule in Secondlife and that’s Privacy . I will add with ten people searhing there were no other attenia found by secondlife or the discovery team found .but on the second day searching . Anu found the one parked in front ship Rats .yes Two full days of searhing for them . This was not a part of any race or found during a race , We have something called a Mini Map worked just fine for the racers to stay in course . So why the rd nee such a Encroaching product ,
    Several racers where also greifed during the race . I was boarded . If such a device was being used may i ask why the griever were not address’s or announced . to us something the Hud clearly is capable of . …..
    My second post in the Isailors forum comes after one my girlfriend being banned Two my Questions to Bea that went completely unanswered becuase she had none . Never did she say to me they were there for the race . Instead in a smug manner she said well I have all the time in world now to come up with something .,
    Your Club Mainly Tasha went on a Campaign just a few months agao against Hay all and in open Group chat asked its member’s to fill ar reports against her .. Or have you forgotten that .. So whats good for the goose seems dosent apply to Trade winds . Or Your Moral Code .
    Signed Don Berithos

  3. Well done Liv:)))
    You have my FULL respect and support for that decision:))

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