Additions to my uniform

I saw AnaVictoria Morales’ model of the HMS Victory in-world a while ago and it got me into reading a little on it’s history. Of course I found information on it’s illustrious commander: Lord Nelson. That man had a uniform which was pretty spectacular for it’s time. Medals and orders not being so common as they are now, he had a bunch of custom-made medals and decorations, some of which are quite stunning.

This got me into making my own uniform for formal occasions in the world of Secondlife Sailing. I bought 2 uniforms for that, created a bicorn with a seashell as a brooch on it and bought golden boots, with high heels on them of course…

Today I added 3 more parts: 3 medals, which are totally out of place on the uniform, but that’s how I like it. You can see how it looks right now. I will add more details soon…


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