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The old bat is back!

The old bat is back to racing! And I suppose she’s just as bad as she ever was.

Dutch hosts Nacra races twice a week now at Tradewinds Yacht Club and I decided I would not be much of a ‘commodore’ if I’d not at least show my support once and have a look. Naturally that would include actually unpacking my Nacra catamaran and getting it ready to race.

After ignoring the instructions I was ready!

Enjoying my race win in the Nacra

In race 1 I crashed in pre-start, trying to tack the boat on the point where 4 Secondlife regions come together. I had to relog and watch Dutch, the maker of the Nacra 17, win the race. In race 2 I was lucky though: in my second Nacra-race ever nearly everyone else crashed and I won it! This was despite being over the startline early and having to reround the start marker. Joly, who also had serious problems and was unable to sail at her usual level, was second.
In race 3, there was less chaos and I finished 2nd behind Dutch, just before Joly.

I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my body now. I think I want to race a lot more in 2013 than I did in 2012! The next Nacra race will be at TYC this friday, at 6AM PDT.


Boat show at Tradewinds

Tradewinds Yacht Club hosts a boat show about every other month, throughout the year. The current one is a small one, but it’s not less interesting because of this. Again we see a number of new builds, from rather unknown builders, amidst the production of the big names.

This Leaf sailboat is made by LucyInTheSky afarensis. It’s a sailboat using the famous BBK engine, built by scripter Becca Moulliez.

This boat is well-known in Secondlife Sailing by now: Tradewinds will hold races twice a week now with the new Nacra 17 catamaran: wednesday at 2PM and friday at 6AM.

Also the beautiful cabin yacht RM12 by Rene Underby can be seen at the current boat show at Tradewinds Yacht Club.

This beauty is the Tugboat Danube, by Mikha Efraimsdottir Långstrump

Reason enough to pay a visit to this new show! You can find it at the club’s beautiful cape that peers into the Linden sea known as the Channel: