7th Fizz Cup in Secondlife

Ready at the startline of the 2014 Flying Fizz World Cup, edition number 7. It’s November 29th 2014 and I need another coffee, probably lots of coffee since the event doesn’t start until 4 hours from now.

The Fizz Cup, so this is what it looks like this year…

I can’t believe the 2008 edition is already such a long-time ago. I remember competing in it very well. The suspense, the endless training, the friendships, the drama. The intensity of the event was enormous.

I remember I was in the Quarter finals, where Masahisa Greenwood went on to the semi’s. After training rounds I thought I could beat him, but in the reality of a race, with lag and spectators and the nervousness of competition, things are always different.

I remember helping Bea organise the beautiful 2009 cup, which might be the best-organised SL sailing event ever. The dual-handed 2010 cup and the last one I competed in in 2011. I organised the 2012 edition again and I completely missed the 2013 edition.

Now I am standing here again, with tears in my eyes. Let’s just give a list of the previous champions. They need be mentioned:

2008: Yuu Nakamichi

2009:Kei Cioc

2010 Miwha Masala & Odysseus Yiyuan

2011: Miwha Masala

2012: Silber Sands

2013: Ralf80 Titanium

Some of these racers I haven’t seen in years. I don’t recall when I last saw Yuu Nakamichi, who was a great sailor and someone I always had a difficult relationship with. Or Miwha, who perfected Flying Fizz sailing to the point where she would seem almost unbeatable, I haven’t seen her in 2 years.


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