About this blog

Liv Leigh

Liv Leigh is commodore of Tradewinds Yacht Club, a sailing club in the virtual world of secondlife. This blog, infrequently updated at random intervals, collects some of her ideas, her article sketches and ramblings on what is going on in the world of Secondlife Sailing.


Liv has an extensive experience both as sailor and sailing organiser in Secondlife, having run Tradewinds Yacht Club, together with Tasha kostolany since 2008. As a sailor she won an estimate of 500+ races, with as most remarkable achievements: the 2008 Fizz Cup quarterfinals, winning 3 out of the 5 match racing ladders in the 2009 season, making the finals in the 2011 One World regatta.


The main reason for this blog’s existence is a series of interviews that started at the time of the 2009 Fizz Cup (Flying Fizz World Cup 2009 to be precise) for Metaversesailing, under the name ‘Through the looking glass’. Interviewed sailors and boat builders in this series include SL Sailing’s racing giants as Kei cioc, but also organisers like Silber Sands and boat builders/scripters like Becca Moulliez.

There is no specific goal to this blog, other than giving a personal view on the world of SL Sailing, informing interested people on an ad-hoc base on this interesting piece of the metaverse and the technological progress that is being made in virtual world sailboat technology and racing simulations.


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