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This old bat felt inspired.

So, she rummaged around a bit in her inventory and dug up a pink Flying Fizz. Set the ID to her 7-year-old 077LL, made sure the teeth on the pink shark beak on the bow were shiny and made the sails pretty again.

Hair in a casual updo and she was ready to go,

The pink shark, once a feared fizz hull, is back!

Naturally the first 2 races in the weekly Fizz Circus (saturday 11AM SLT) went bad due to external problems. Once she got disconnected from her boat at a region crossing and once she lost her camera, but the beginning was there, at least once in a beautiful port start, just a fraction of a second ahead of Fizz Cup winner Silber Sands, both at exactly 00:00…

Of course, she could not keep up with the champion, but it was ok.

The third race came as a surprise. Not so far from the finish, after two laps of sailing she saw the stern of Silber’s fizz again. She was pretty satisfied to find out this also meant she got herself a second place in this last race.

She’ll be back later on 😉


Boat show at Tradewinds

Tradewinds Yacht Club hosts a boat show about every other month, throughout the year. The current one is a small one, but it’s not less interesting because of this. Again we see a number of new builds, from rather unknown builders, amidst the production of the big names.

This Leaf sailboat is made by LucyInTheSky afarensis. It’s a sailboat using the famous BBK engine, built by scripter Becca Moulliez.

This boat is well-known in Secondlife Sailing by now: Tradewinds will hold races twice a week now with the new Nacra 17 catamaran: wednesday at 2PM and friday at 6AM.

Also the beautiful cabin yacht RM12 by Rene Underby can be seen at the current boat show at Tradewinds Yacht Club.

This beauty is the Tugboat Danube, by Mikha Efraimsdottir Långstrump

Reason enough to pay a visit to this new show! You can find it at the club’s beautiful cape that peers into the Linden sea known as the Channel:

Additions to my uniform

I saw AnaVictoria Morales’ model of the HMS Victory in-world a while ago and it got me into reading a little on it’s history. Of course I found information on it’s illustrious commander: Lord Nelson. That man had a uniform which was pretty spectacular for it’s time. Medals and orders not being so common as they are now, he had a bunch of custom-made medals and decorations, some of which are quite stunning.

This got me into making my own uniform for formal occasions in the world of Secondlife Sailing. I bought 2 uniforms for that, created a bicorn with a seashell as a brooch on it and bought golden boots, with high heels on them of course…

Today I added 3 more parts: 3 medals, which are totally out of place on the uniform, but that’s how I like it. You can see how it looks right now. I will add more details soon…

A reaction on the ‘Radar’ incident

I will be brief.

After a weekend out of SL, visiting family, I found a whole lot of drama on the SLSailing forum, on Don’s iSail forum and inworld surrounding Bea Woodget and her using a certain device to monitor a racing event in Blake Sea. Apparently there was even a bunch of Abuse Reports filed against her, which resulted into an official warning by Linden Labs.

While I agree that the use of such a radar/weapon/spy-tool in Blake Sea is a bad idea, I think the reaction overall is over-the-top. Having read beforehand about the planned SLSA World Cup event the devices were attached to, I think it all simply comes down to a bad choice of equipment. There seems to be no other useful application for this tool within the context of SL Sailing. We all know this.

The subject of slandering and reporting a fellow sailor though, is another one. Instead of being simply helpful and getting rid of the item, a number of sailors apparently chose for the more dramatic option. Given the lenghty post on I have therefore decided the following:

Liv Leigh (and you can read Tradewinds Yacht Club here too) will cease to offer any support to the SLAC World Series from this moment onwards. More information can be obtained at the office. You know where to find me.

Abbotts Aerodrome bought by Novatech

According to a recent comment, made both on Cubey Terra’s website and also here on my blog, Abbotts Aerodrome is likely to be preserved after September 1st. Let me quote the comment made by Cheshyr Pontchartrain on

“Fear not, I’ve made arrangements to purchase and preserve the airport for Novatech. The airport name and vendors will change, per Cubey’s request, but the airport will remain open to the public, and give new airplane makers a chance to spread their wings.

So any name ideas? I’m thinking something involving Costello’s. :)”

The new owner will be Novatech, makers of hi-tech gadgets and role-playing merchandise. It is reported that the planes and other items sold at the airport are going to change as well.

Balloon trips

The news about Abbotts Aerodrome closing brought me back to my balloon again. Since last year I am in posession of a Terra-Kojima balloon, which is a very nice toy for exploring Second Life.

The balloon can be used to go from one spot to the next. The HUD enables you to choose between several ways of flying it. You can set it’s altitude, direction or speed. But you can also just let it float with SL wind and/or let the altitude be regulated with the burner, which you can open or close. This way you’ll never know where you’ll end up. I found it to be a fun way to discover new spots. Even in your own neighbourhood you may discover that you have hidden gems, just around the corner.

The balloon is even completely customizable. You can alter the textures since it is mod, but it also contains a series of presets, available through a ‘painter HUD’ and the possibility to apply your own logo to it.

And last but not least, for the real die-hards, it offers the possibility to create guided tours around an area, a feature that I have used myself at Tradewinds:

The Terra-Kojima balloon can be found at Abbotts Aerodrome, until it’s closure september 1st: Or at SL Marketplace:

Naturally, if you just want to try it out, you can visit us at Tradewinds and try our tour balloon. If you click the post for it, it will rezz. Sit in and and say ‘AP Start’ to start the tour.. Or ‘help’ for info on how to get around with it otherwise.

Liv Leigh spotters get new facilities

Thanks to Tradewinds Yacht Club’s Tasha Kostolany, fanatic Liv Leigh spotters now can enjoy their own cabin. The simple wooden shed contains some information about Liv Leigh and a couple of warnings for the unknowing. A one metre tall fence offers the needed protection against sudden attacks.

The stand provides some information about Liv Leigh’s usual habitat, the ‘race director’s chair’ and habits (sitting AFK, with or without sign above it’s head). A pair of binoculars is included for a better view, but not necessary as the cabin brings spotters right in the middle of Liv’s territory.

Visitors are kindly requested not to feed the animals, as they might get sick. Visitors are advised to not stand at or lean on the fence as this might result into them becoming food for the wildlife.

The cabin can be visited at Tradewinds Yacht Club: