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“Fräulein Fizz” lives up to her reputation

Back in 2009, when I interviewed her for Metaverse Sailing, Silber Sands was still a shy sailor. A newbee, living in a tent at Sailors Cove with her dog, while she competed in the second Flying Fizz World Cup. She did fine in the prestigious event, but was mostly appreciated for her good nature and sporty behaviour.

Those last two characteristics haven’t changed with the years. Even though Silber, after winning the SLSA ‘Sailor of the year’ award once and the 2012 edition of the Fizz Cup, has become a force to be reckoned with in the community. In 2013 she even took over the organisation of the Fizz Cup, which cemented her status as a community leader.

Silber Sands on her way to her second Fizz Cup victory

After last saturday Silber can be named amongst the great champions in Secondlife Sailing. She was already the big favourite and lived up to her reputation by winning her second Fizz Cup finals in great fashion by winning all five of her races. In race four it seemed she might leave some crumbs for the others after a pre-start capsize, but she took full advantage of her sailing skills to overtake all 12 of her opponents again during the race.

This means Silber Sands is now one of only two sailors to win the Fizz Cup twice, the other one of course being Miwha Masala, who hasn’t been seen sailing in the metaverse since september 2012.

Hence, from now on, Silber Sands shall be known as “Fräulein Fizz”.


7th Fizz Cup in Secondlife

Ready at the startline of the 2014 Flying Fizz World Cup, edition number 7. It’s November 29th 2014 and I need another coffee, probably lots of coffee since the event doesn’t start until 4 hours from now.

The Fizz Cup, so this is what it looks like this year…

I can’t believe the 2008 edition is already such a long-time ago. I remember competing in it very well. The suspense, the endless training, the friendships, the drama. The intensity of the event was enormous.

I remember I was in the Quarter finals, where Masahisa Greenwood went on to the semi’s. After training rounds I thought I could beat him, but in the reality of a race, with lag and spectators and the nervousness of competition, things are always different.

I remember helping Bea organise the beautiful 2009 cup, which might be the best-organised SL sailing event ever. The dual-handed 2010 cup and the last one I competed in in 2011. I organised the 2012 edition again and I completely missed the 2013 edition.

Now I am standing here again, with tears in my eyes. Let’s just give a list of the previous champions. They need be mentioned:

2008: Yuu Nakamichi

2009:Kei Cioc

2010 Miwha Masala & Odysseus Yiyuan

2011: Miwha Masala

2012: Silber Sands

2013: Ralf80 Titanium

Some of these racers I haven’t seen in years. I don’t recall when I last saw Yuu Nakamichi, who was a great sailor and someone I always had a difficult relationship with. Or Miwha, who perfected Flying Fizz sailing to the point where she would seem almost unbeatable, I haven’t seen her in 2 years.

Official site for the Flying Fizz World Cup 2012

The official site for the Fizz Cup 2012 will be here: http://fizzcup2012.tumblr.com/
I will try to reblog the posts here to the slboatporn tumblr and add them to the forum here as well.

Due to a terrible network connection I will post the maps for the first weekend of the Fizz Cup later today.

Flying Fizz World Cup Finals 2010

The longest running sailing event in Second Life is the annual Fizz Cup. The finals of the 2010 Fizz Cup were held at Blake Sea – Travertine in Second Life on December 4th 2010.

This edition of the Flying Fizz World Cup was held for the first time with crewed sailing boats. The finals were won by the big favourites, team ‘The Beauty and the beast’, consisting of Miwha Masala and Odysseus Yiyuan.

The Fizz Cup finals were run by:

Liv Leigh,  Silber Sands, Taku Raymaker, Jeremia Spotter, LDeWell Hawker

The video was created by MarkTwain White, assisted in filming by Nber Medici.