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This old bat felt inspired.

So, she rummaged around a bit in her inventory and dug up a pink Flying Fizz. Set the ID to her 7-year-old 077LL, made sure the teeth on the pink shark beak on the bow were shiny and made the sails pretty again.

Hair in a casual updo and she was ready to go,

The pink shark, once a feared fizz hull, is back!

Naturally the first 2 races in the weekly Fizz Circus (saturday 11AM SLT) went bad due to external problems. Once she got disconnected from her boat at a region crossing and once she lost her camera, but the beginning was there, at least once in a beautiful port start, just a fraction of a second ahead of Fizz Cup winner Silber Sands, both at exactly 00:00…

Of course, she could not keep up with the champion, but it was ok.

The third race came as a surprise. Not so far from the finish, after two laps of sailing she saw the stern of Silber’s fizz again. She was pretty satisfied to find out this also meant she got herself a second place in this last race.

She’ll be back later on 😉


“Fräulein Fizz” lives up to her reputation

Back in 2009, when I interviewed her for Metaverse Sailing, Silber Sands was still a shy sailor. A newbee, living in a tent at Sailors Cove with her dog, while she competed in the second Flying Fizz World Cup. She did fine in the prestigious event, but was mostly appreciated for her good nature and sporty behaviour.

Those last two characteristics haven’t changed with the years. Even though Silber, after winning the SLSA ‘Sailor of the year’ award once and the 2012 edition of the Fizz Cup, has become a force to be reckoned with in the community. In 2013 she even took over the organisation of the Fizz Cup, which cemented her status as a community leader.

Silber Sands on her way to her second Fizz Cup victory

After last saturday Silber can be named amongst the great champions in Secondlife Sailing. She was already the big favourite and lived up to her reputation by winning her second Fizz Cup finals in great fashion by winning all five of her races. In race four it seemed she might leave some crumbs for the others after a pre-start capsize, but she took full advantage of her sailing skills to overtake all 12 of her opponents again during the race.

This means Silber Sands is now one of only two sailors to win the Fizz Cup twice, the other one of course being Miwha Masala, who hasn’t been seen sailing in the metaverse since september 2012.

Hence, from now on, Silber Sands shall be known as “Fräulein Fizz”.

Flying Fizz races at Waypoint Yacht Club

For a long time now the weekly Flying Fizz races at Waypoint Yacht Club has been one of the toughest sailing competitions in Second Life. There have been exciting cups the past few years, with great champions emerging at them, but still the highest level of sailing is mostly seen in this simple weekly event organised by Taku Raymaker. The WYC Flying Fizz races are held every thursday at 6AM. for months now they use the same course and same startline. You will also see many of the same racers back there. If you ever plan to start or watch: expect some 8 boats there, about half of them a SLSA Top-10  ranked Fizz sailor. I am one of them, but due to inactivity (and hard work by other racers) my ranking  has dropped from 3rd spot to outside the top-5. Today I raced again, for the first time in over 2 months.

ziz Kidd, 3rd from right wins the June 23rd 2011 edition and gets his boat placed at Winner’s Row

I did well. I raced in 2 of the 3 races, securing a 3rd spot in race 1 and keeping a second spot in race 2 after an exciting downwind sprint to the finish, keeping ziz Kidd, the later regatta winner, behind me. Miwha Masala, hii2newsplus Writer and ziz Kidd each won one of the races. Kind of a surprise, as one would expect ‘The Fizz Queen’ Miwha to rule the event. It is clear though, that after the ACA Trophy 2011 Miwha has to regain her momentum again in her much -feared white dinghy. And oh yes, it was pretty laggy too, that doesn’t help usually.