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Navigator HUD – The next generation

Trapez Breen is working on a revolutionary navigation tool for inside Second Life sailing. Tasha Kostolany and I had the honour of receiving a test version of it, which we will play with extensively the coming few days, maybe even weeks, since the version number is very conservative: 0.10

You can see the HUD in my screen. It contains buttons for scrolling through the course marks and 2 buttons to open or edit courses. Trapez mentioned that the version we got is the ‘race director’s edition’. A lighter version will  be given out especially for use in races.

So.. I can hear your think now: ‘What exactly is revolutionary about this?’.. Well..

In our classical navigation aids we used slurls and notecards to create courses, we used gestures or sometimes buttons to sail them. Now, with this tool, we will be able to sail a course and create the markers on the go, save the course and sail it again another time.

And it is not vulnerable to loss of script memory either: all information is stored on a server outside of Second Life. ‘Google’, Trapez said.

More details will follow later, as I badly need to test this out myself now…