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Flying Fizz races at Waypoint Yacht Club

For a long time now the weekly Flying Fizz races at Waypoint Yacht Club has been one of the toughest sailing competitions in Second Life. There have been exciting cups the past few years, with great champions emerging at them, but still the highest level of sailing is mostly seen in this simple weekly event organised by Taku Raymaker. The WYC Flying Fizz races are held every thursday at 6AM. for months now they use the same course and same startline. You will also see many of the same racers back there. If you ever plan to start or watch: expect some 8 boats there, about half of them a SLSA Top-10  ranked Fizz sailor. I am one of them, but due to inactivity (and hard work by other racers) my ranking  has dropped from 3rd spot to outside the top-5. Today I raced again, for the first time in over 2 months.

ziz Kidd, 3rd from right wins the June 23rd 2011 edition and gets his boat placed at Winner’s Row

I did well. I raced in 2 of the 3 races, securing a 3rd spot in race 1 and keeping a second spot in race 2 after an exciting downwind sprint to the finish, keeping ziz Kidd, the later regatta winner, behind me. Miwha Masala, hii2newsplus Writer and ziz Kidd each won one of the races. Kind of a surprise, as one would expect ‘The Fizz Queen’ Miwha to rule the event. It is clear though, that after the ACA Trophy 2011 Miwha has to regain her momentum again in her much -feared white dinghy. And oh yes, it was pretty laggy too, that doesn’t help usually.


TYC Japan fundraiser ends

With the donation bears returned to their owners this weekend, the Tradewinds Yacht Club fundraiser for victims of the devastating earthquake in Japan ends. It can be called a success: the auction of sailboats and other virtual goods alone has brought in 302,944 Linden Dollars, bringing the totals for the entire week well above 400.000L. That is a lot of money for a bunch of volunteers in a virtual world. Try to collect that door-to-door these days with only a handful of volunteers…

Japan Donation Bears piling up at Tradewinds Yacht Club

With an immense amount of bears piled up at the yacht club, it was clear to see how the community as a whole showed their support for our Japanese friends, who are going through a difficult time now and don’t login as frequently as we are used to.

Tasha Kostolany, main organiser with JakeSpeed Northman

Many thanks go out to the small army of volunteers who made the whole event possible. Not just organisers JakeSpeed Northman and Tasha Kostolany, who worked like crazy for a week, but a bunch of others as well: the musicians, the donators of the auctioned boats and items, the people who bid and bought, the people who bought and placed the Donation Bears, the organisers of the special races and events around the event. It has been a great display of solidarity in our virtual world.

Thanks to all!

Liv Leigh

Japan Tsunami relief bear initiative

The idea is simple: I have just setup a sign with a link to the SL Marketplace spot where you can get the Linden Bears for the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief. Get here, buy a bear from SL Marketplace and place it with the sign. 1 bear per person! Let’s get a nice bunch of bears in! You can find the sign here:



Support Japan and let’s get this spot full of those earthquake relief bears!