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Additions to my uniform

I saw AnaVictoria Morales’ model of the HMS Victory in-world a while ago and it got me into reading a little on it’s history. Of course I found information on it’s illustrious commander: Lord Nelson. That man had a uniform which was pretty spectacular for it’s time. Medals and orders not being so common as they are now, he had a bunch of custom-made medals and decorations, some of which are quite stunning.

This got me into making my own uniform for formal occasions in the world of Secondlife Sailing. I bought 2 uniforms for that, created a bicorn with a seashell as a brooch on it and bought golden boots, with high heels on them of course…

Today I added 3 more parts: 3 medals, which are totally out of place on the uniform, but that’s how I like it. You can see how it looks right now. I will add more details soon…


Liv Leigh spotters get new facilities

Thanks to Tradewinds Yacht Club’s Tasha Kostolany, fanatic Liv Leigh spotters now can enjoy their own cabin. The simple wooden shed contains some information about Liv Leigh and a couple of warnings for the unknowing. A one metre tall fence offers the needed protection against sudden attacks.

The stand provides some information about Liv Leigh’s usual habitat, the ‘race director’s chair’ and habits (sitting AFK, with or without sign above it’s head). A pair of binoculars is included for a better view, but not necessary as the cabin brings spotters right in the middle of Liv’s territory.

Visitors are kindly requested not to feed the animals, as they might get sick. Visitors are advised to not stand at or lean on the fence as this might result into them becoming food for the wildlife.

The cabin can be visited at Tradewinds Yacht Club: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dex/172/28/25