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Official site for the Flying Fizz World Cup 2012

The official site for the Fizz Cup 2012 will be here: http://fizzcup2012.tumblr.com/
I will try to reblog the posts here to the slboatporn tumblr and add them to the forum here as well.

Due to a terrible network connection I will post the maps for the first weekend of the Fizz Cup later today.


Abbotts Aerodrome bought by Novatech

According to a recent comment, made both on Cubey Terra’s website and also here on my blog, Abbotts Aerodrome is likely to be preserved after September 1st. Let me quote the comment made by Cheshyr Pontchartrain on Cubeyterra.com:

“Fear not, I’ve made arrangements to purchase and preserve the airport for Novatech. The airport name and vendors will change, per Cubey’s request, but the airport will remain open to the public, and give new airplane makers a chance to spread their wings.

So any name ideas? I’m thinking something involving Costello’s. :)”

The new owner will be Novatech, makers of hi-tech gadgets and role-playing merchandise. It is reported that the planes and other items sold at the airport are going to change as well.


Abbotts Aerodrome is closing

September 1st will be the end of an era and a terribly sad day for all of SL. Today I received news about the upcoming closure of Abbotts Aerodrome, one of the true iconic places in Second Life.

More than 7 years old, Abbotts was found in January 2007 by Apotheus Silverman and Cubey Terra. The place is featured in many in-world and real-life publications, online and on print. Cubey’s skydiving equipment is used all over Second Life and so are many of the vehicles that are sold at Abbotts.

The aerodrome itself is the heart of the western part of Sansara, Second Life’s oldest continent.

I first received the news through the Second Life community blogs, but there must be more information about it.  The reasons behind closing the airport are unsure yet, but it seems to be either financial or disagreement with Linden Labs.

Link to the blogpost:


Link to Cubey Terra’s own announcement on closing:


Abbotts Aerodrome can be found here: