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“Fräulein Fizz” lives up to her reputation

Back in 2009, when I interviewed her for Metaverse Sailing, Silber Sands was still a shy sailor. A newbee, living in a tent at Sailors Cove with her dog, while she competed in the second Flying Fizz World Cup. She did fine in the prestigious event, but was mostly appreciated for her good nature and sporty behaviour.

Those last two characteristics haven’t changed with the years. Even though Silber, after winning the SLSA ‘Sailor of the year’ award once and the 2012 edition of the Fizz Cup, has become a force to be reckoned with in the community. In 2013 she even took over the organisation of the Fizz Cup, which cemented her status as a community leader.

Silber Sands on her way to her second Fizz Cup victory

After last saturday Silber can be named amongst the great champions in Secondlife Sailing. She was already the big favourite and lived up to her reputation by winning her second Fizz Cup finals in great fashion by winning all five of her races. In race four it seemed she might leave some crumbs for the others after a pre-start capsize, but she took full advantage of her sailing skills to overtake all 12 of her opponents again during the race.

This means Silber Sands is now one of only two sailors to win the Fizz Cup twice, the other one of course being Miwha Masala, who hasn’t been seen sailing in the metaverse since september 2012.

Hence, from now on, Silber Sands shall be known as “Fräulein Fizz”.


7th Fizz Cup in Secondlife

Ready at the startline of the 2014 Flying Fizz World Cup, edition number 7. It’s November 29th 2014 and I need another coffee, probably lots of coffee since the event doesn’t start until 4 hours from now.

The Fizz Cup, so this is what it looks like this year…

I can’t believe the 2008 edition is already such a long-time ago. I remember competing in it very well. The suspense, the endless training, the friendships, the drama. The intensity of the event was enormous.

I remember I was in the Quarter finals, where Masahisa Greenwood went on to the semi’s. After training rounds I thought I could beat him, but in the reality of a race, with lag and spectators and the nervousness of competition, things are always different.

I remember helping Bea organise the beautiful 2009 cup, which might be the best-organised SL sailing event ever. The dual-handed 2010 cup and the last one I competed in in 2011. I organised the 2012 edition again and I completely missed the 2013 edition.

Now I am standing here again, with tears in my eyes. Let’s just give a list of the previous champions. They need be mentioned:

2008: Yuu Nakamichi

2009:Kei Cioc

2010 Miwha Masala & Odysseus Yiyuan

2011: Miwha Masala

2012: Silber Sands

2013: Ralf80 Titanium

Some of these racers I haven’t seen in years. I don’t recall when I last saw Yuu Nakamichi, who was a great sailor and someone I always had a difficult relationship with. Or Miwha, who perfected Flying Fizz sailing to the point where she would seem almost unbeatable, I haven’t seen her in 2 years.

A reaction on the ‘Radar’ incident

I will be brief.

After a weekend out of SL, visiting family, I found a whole lot of drama on the SLSailing forum, on Don’s iSail forum and inworld surrounding Bea Woodget and her using a certain device to monitor a racing event in Blake Sea. Apparently there was even a bunch of Abuse Reports filed against her, which resulted into an official warning by Linden Labs.

While I agree that the use of such a radar/weapon/spy-tool in Blake Sea is a bad idea, I think the reaction overall is over-the-top. Having read beforehand about the planned SLSA World Cup event the devices were attached to, I think it all simply comes down to a bad choice of equipment. There seems to be no other useful application for this tool within the context of SL Sailing. We all know this.

The subject of slandering and reporting a fellow sailor though, is another one. Instead of being simply helpful and getting rid of the item, a number of sailors apparently chose for the more dramatic option. Given the lenghty post on http://isailors.freeforums.org/viewtopic.php?t=28 I have therefore decided the following:

Liv Leigh (and you can read Tradewinds Yacht Club here too) will cease to offer any support to the SLAC World Series from this moment onwards. More information can be obtained at the office. You know where to find me.

Becky’s Baby Sloop II Launch – Friday March 2nd 12PM

Becky’s Baby Sloop II will be launched friday March 2nd at 12PM.

Becca Moulliez will hold a speech on her great follow-up to her favourite free sailboat. There will be live music and we just might decide to all go out into the water in our new sloops!

You’ll find the boat.. and at 12PM on Friday the launch party here:


TYC Winterchampionships 2012 – SLSA World Cup 2M

The coming weekend the SLSA World Cup Event in Quest 2M will be held at Tradewinds Yacht Club. This event will also count as TYC Winter Championships 2012. The race will be sailed in the wonderful Quest 2M, a Bwind-based racing keelboat.

The races will be held from the Siracusa line, in the SecondLife Sea known as ‘The Channel’. This line is accessible from Tradewinds Yacht Club: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dex/170/30/25

Information on the subscription procedure can be found here:


A list of competing teams in the SLSA World Cup is available here:


Flying Fizz races at Waypoint Yacht Club

For a long time now the weekly Flying Fizz races at Waypoint Yacht Club has been one of the toughest sailing competitions in Second Life. There have been exciting cups the past few years, with great champions emerging at them, but still the highest level of sailing is mostly seen in this simple weekly event organised by Taku Raymaker. The WYC Flying Fizz races are held every thursday at 6AM. for months now they use the same course and same startline. You will also see many of the same racers back there. If you ever plan to start or watch: expect some 8 boats there, about half of them a SLSA Top-10  ranked Fizz sailor. I am one of them, but due to inactivity (and hard work by other racers) my ranking  has dropped from 3rd spot to outside the top-5. Today I raced again, for the first time in over 2 months.

ziz Kidd, 3rd from right wins the June 23rd 2011 edition and gets his boat placed at Winner’s Row

I did well. I raced in 2 of the 3 races, securing a 3rd spot in race 1 and keeping a second spot in race 2 after an exciting downwind sprint to the finish, keeping ziz Kidd, the later regatta winner, behind me. Miwha Masala, hii2newsplus Writer and ziz Kidd each won one of the races. Kind of a surprise, as one would expect ‘The Fizz Queen’ Miwha to rule the event. It is clear though, that after the ACA Trophy 2011 Miwha has to regain her momentum again in her much -feared white dinghy. And oh yes, it was pretty laggy too, that doesn’t help usually.

Shipping cargo between SL’s continents

I have seen Balduin Aabye build a nice freighter over the past period. One of the prototypes to it was present at the Tradewinds working Boat Show 2011. After a long time of bugging him and stalking him around his shipyard, I finally managed to get hold of a copy when it was released. I took it out on a trip the next day and guess what? I didn’t even crash!

The boat is slow and nothing like the fancy mega yachts that Second Life is swamped with. It is a true work boat, one that makes you look like you are shipping dirty cargo around all over the place. That makes for a change!

‘And why would you need that?’

Well… It is fun! And I personally like slow boats that enable me to IM with people without crashing into others all the time. 😉

I have to thank both Balduin Aabye and Tasha Kostolany for this article, as I have cannibalized their work and research heavily for it. You can find Tasha’s article on this wonderful new boat here: http://sites.google.com/site/tradewindsyc/project-updates/twonewboats-etaselixirbalduinsnauenrepublik

Origins of the boat
The name Nauen belongs to a type of cargo vessel common for bulk cargo transport on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. some of the older barges are now being used as party ships for events.

You can find some more info on the RL boat here:

The boat in Second Life
The boat as built in Second Life is a very detailed replica of the real Nauen Republik. It has a number of interesting special features. It is 31 prims only and hand painted with especially crafted textures.

When entering the boat, you can open the door to the wheelhouse and walk in. The helm position offers a nice view. Page-Up activates the engine and gets you going! The diesel engine sounds great and, as you would expect with a cargo vessel, it steers slowly. Be patient when changing course, this is not a raceboat!

Wheel, rudder and screw turn and rotate as you accelerate or turn the boat. She has got a headlight and navigation lights which can be switched on/off by chat command.

Much fun is the ability to haul cargo: you can attach a number of pre-made cargo types from menu. All you need to do is get seated and click the vessel when done so. The boat even includes a tutorial to create your own cargo attachments.

The boat can also be repainted if you prefer it to be in a different colour scheme. You can find the templates here:  http://sites.google.com/site/balduinaabye/downloads. There is also a tutorial on repainting the boat.

Controls to the boat are easy. The arrow keys and page up/down get you there. Controls are specified in the notecard with the boat. The instructions to the boat can also be found at Balduin Aabye’s website: http://sites.google.com/site/balduinaabye/Balduin-Aabye-Yacht-Design/nauen-republik/instructions

Boat Specifications
LOA: 26.7m
Beam: 6.5m
max speed: 9.5 knots
Nr. of crew: skipper & 5 passengers
Permissions: modify/copy/transfer

Prim count:
Nauen: 31 prims without attachments
Safety attachment: 10 prims (worn)
Party attachment: 21 prims (worn)
Cover attachment: 4 prims (worn)
Gravel attachment: 2 prims (worn)
Footbridge: 4 prims

You can see the boat in Dex and buy it at Balduin Aabye Yacht Designs, also in Dex: