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The Tinytanic – Unsinkable!

I first encountered the Tinytanic on Snapzilla. It could not be overlooked: few steamships have such impressive bows, making them tower high above the waves of the Atlantic. Engineered by the tiny squirrel Vic Titanium, the Tinytanic is built to last through the ages, one of the greatest ships ever!

The Tinytanic, photographed by Sea Warcliffe

You can simply not imagine something as silly as an iceberg sink this one, 2000+ tinies aboard..

And I don’t think this will happen. A day or two after it’s first sighting by me, the Tinytanic moored at Tradewinds Yacht Club, where it can now also be seen. I still need to ask the maker about the controls, but it sure is lots of fun already!

You can see this fun little jewel at Tradewinds Yacht Club in Dex for a little while, but it is also moored at Dreams/87/69/24/.