Being lucky enough to posess a few dozen sailboats in Secondlife, I thought it would be a good idea to actually start writing reviews on them. This page will contain the links to the main page about the scripting engines that power sailboats in Secondlife and my reviews of new sailboat models.

Scripting engines

BWind by Becca Moulliez

BWind is the newest of the 3 major scripting engines for sailboats in Secondlife. It’s main claim to fame is it’s lightness, making BWind-based boats the most stable cruising and racing platforms in Secondlife. It first came out officially in March 2010 and is specifically designed with boat builders in mind.

While initially BWind was considered a ‘basic’ system that valued stability over realism, BWind-based boats now come in many forms. Realism features like waves, current and others generally associated with Fizz-based boat are being incorporated by new boat builders, making it the most dynamic platform in terms of development. Some Bwinds use only manual wind settings, some use the BWind Windsetter (BWS) and some use the WWC or a combination of these 3 options.

There is a BWind Boat Building Kit (BBK) available at Tradewinds Yacht Club: . The instructions on boat building can be found on Becca Moulliez’ site:



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